Is Katie price married again

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Yes she is married now to Alex Reid the Cagefighter.

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Q: Is Katie price married again
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What date are Katie Price and Peter Andre getting married again?

They aren't getting married again..

Why did Katrina infield change her name to Katie price?

Katie changed her name because her mum and dad split up and her mum married again.

How many times will Katie price be married?

Katie has been married 2 times so far.

When did Katie price get married?

Katy married on Friday the 13th she should have married me.

When did Katie price marry alex reid?

Katie married Alex on the 25th of February.

Did Katie price and alex reid get married?

Yes they did

Did peter Andre marry Katie price in September or February?

Peter Andre married Katie Price in September 2005

What month did Katie price and peter Andre get married?

They got married in 2005

Where did Katie price get married?

Wow I thought she married Russell Brand!!!! :O

Did Katie price get married to alex reid?

Yes, Katie and Alex got married in Las Vegas on February 2, 2010.

Where did Katie price marry?

Katie married Alex in Vegas and Peter in Highclere Castle in UK.

What year did Katie price and peter get married?

Katie and Peter got married in 2005 in Highclere Castle. They renewed there vows in South Africa.