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Q: Is Jojo and Bow Wow best friends?
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Does Bow Wow and Jojo Go Out?

no way

Is bow wow going out with Jojo?


Is Chris Brown and bow-wow best friends?

there just real close friends

When did the song baby it's you ft bow wow come out?

The song "Baby it's You" by JoJo featuring Bow wow was released on September 6, 2004.

Is bow wow n lil bow wow related?

Bow Wow and Lil bow wow are the same person.he removed the lil from his name when he got older

Are bow wow and omarion related?

No Bow Wow and Omarion is not related they just are very good friends!

Does Bow Wow have a crush on Angela Simmons?

no they are just good friends. bow wow and Angela are just close friends like miley and nick

Are Chris Brown and Bow Wow friends?


Does Bow Wow like Keri Hilson?

Bow Wow is too young for kari hilson to be her boyfriend. They are just good friends!

Is cymphonique miller related to bow wow?

no he is friends with her brother

What does bow wow do on weekends?

He practice his singing, and have fun with his friends.

Who is the best bow wow or souljaboy?