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Q: Is Joe Louis daughter Jacqueline Barrow living?
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Did boxer joe Louis have any children?

no boxer joe did not have children. Yes he did ..... Children: Jacqueline Barrow (1943) and Joseph Louis Barrow Jr. (1947); Louis adopted four children during his third marriage (with Martha Jefferson).

How many people did Joe Louis fight?

Jacqueline Barrow and Joseph Louis Barrow Jr (CEO, The First Tee) are his children by his first marriage. He adopted four children during his third marriage.

How did Joe Louis barrow die?

he died of a heart attack

Did Joe Louis Barrow have any brothers or sisters?


When did joe Louis get married?

Louis had two children by wife Marva Trotter (daughter Jacqueline in 1943 and son Joseph Louis Barrow, Jr. in 1947) and adopted three others. They divorced in March 1945 only to remarry a year later, but were again divorced in February 1949. On Christmas Day 1955, Louis married Rose Morgan, a successful Harlem businesswoman; their marriage was annulled in 1958. Louis's final marriage - to Martha Jefferson, a lawyer from Los Angeles, on St. Patrick's Day 1959 - lasted until his death. They had a child and also named him Joe, Jr. .

Where did Joe Louis Barrow Jr go to college?

Boston University

What was Louis Riel daughter name?

Louis Riel's daughter's name was Jean-Louis Riel.

Who was the US prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion for 11 years?

Joe Louis or Joseph Louis Barrow the "Brown Bomber".

Where does Jacqueline Joyner live?

East St. Louis, Illinois.

What was Louis Sachar daughter called?

Louis Sachar's daughter is called Sherre.

Who was the first black boxer to hold the heavyweight championship longer than a decade?

Joseph Louis Barrow

What is Louis Sachar's daughter's name?

Louis Sachar's daughter's name is Sherre Sachar.