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Q: Is General Motors corp a ethocentric polycentric or geocentric attitude?
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What are the examples of provebs expressing general attitude?

examples of proverbs experssing general attitude

What is the general attitude of Brazil?

it is very moderate

What are examples of proverbs expressing a general attitude?


What is the tone of a work of writing?

The general attitude or flavor.

What are the examples of proverbs expressing a general attitude?


What is the general attitude of Romania?

Towards what? Could you be more specific?

The belief of early astronomers that the Earth was the center of the universe is called?

This is called the Geocentric model, from the latin prefix "Geo-" for earth or ground. This was dropped by the scientific community at the beginning of the renaissance for the Heliocentric model, which states that the sun is the center of the universe. However, even this has been abandoned. The general consensus now is that the universe has no definite center or, if it does, we can never find it due to the dimensional 'curvature' it has.

How do you write a positive sentence about changing attitude?

Changing your general attitude from negative to positive will bring you happiness and peace of mind.

What is von raumer general attitude toward America?

the way the american acted

What was Transcendentalists' general attitude toward child labor?

That it was wrong and they had an obligation to change it.

What is attitude?

If you mean "attitude," it means that you come back with whitty remarks. Some say it's like back talking. Basically it means in general your being rude.

Which model of the solar system has Earth at the center of the revolving planets and stars?

This would be known as a geocentric model, and it is pretty easy to show why such a model is unlikely.