Updated: 9/26/2023
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What dose GA01 mean in gold?

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What is a bracelet with 10k mex on it?

It means that the gold in the bracelet contains less than of a 10k caliber, hence it is not gold.

What does a 10K Mex on a bracelet means?

I ran into a marking on a bracelet and it was stamped, "10K Mex". I tested that particular pracelet using the acid test and here are the results; When a 14K and/or 18K and/or 22K acid is applied on a scratched sample using the testing stone (the ruselt) = The sample vanishes immedietely When a 10K acid is applied on a scratched sample usig the testing stone (the ruselt) =The sample vanishes gradually leaving a trace of Gold. Conclusion: The pracelet contains less than 41.7% gold and hence it is less than 10k. Any piece of jewelry which is less than 10K, its not considered Gold in the USA.

What does 14K MEX on jewelry mean?

14K means 14 karat Gold MEX means it was made in Mexico

What does ch 14k mex mean?

CH 14K MEX probably means 14-karat gold-plated, made in Mexico. The CH could be an abbreviation for "chapa," meaning plate, metal sheet, or veneer.

What are the markings to show if a ring is gold or silver?

Sterling silver rings are usually marked "sterling" or "925." Gold is usually marked with the karat, such as 10k, 14k, etc., but may also be marked 916 (22k), 750 (18k), 585 (14k), 417 (10k). European marks can also be 375 or 333, 9 8k respectively.

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