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Q: Is Einstein's famous equation e equals mc2 linear or quadratic?
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What does Einsteins famous equation e equals mc2 mean?

That equation is the equation that Albert Einstein came up with to describe how to calculate the speed of light. E = energy m = mass c = speed of light

Was einsteins famous equation correct?

Very much so. The incorrect ones never became famous.

Who made e equals mc2?

it is Albert Einsteins most famous formula

Why is the most famous quadratic equation famous?

The quadratic formula is famous mainly because it allows you to find the root of any quadratic polynomial, whether the roots are real or complex. The quadratic formula has widespread applications in different fields of math, as well as physics.

What best describes the significance of Albert Einsteins famous equation?

Scientists used it to develop Nuclear Power

E does not equals mc2 some help?

A re-writing of Einsteins famous equation is E = mc2 Wherre E is energy, m is mass, c is the speed of light (so c2 is the square of the speed of light)

What scientist is famous for the equation E equals MC?

Albert Einstein.Except that the equation was e = mc2

What was einsteins most famous theory?


How did Albert Einsteins get famous?

for the automatic bom

What is the significance of Einsteins famous equation e mc2?

E=mc^2 states that mass and energy are interchangeable, and that a little bit of mass creates a lot of energy.

Who was the famous physicist that wrote the equation e equals mc2?

Albert Einstien

Describe Einstein's famous equation E equals mc2 using two well-known conservation laws?

The equation E=mc^2 is a combination of two well know theories: the conservation of mass and the conservation of energy. These two theories state that mass and, by consequence of Einsteins discovery, energy can not be created or destroyed. Their form can only be changed or converted.