Is Eden Wood dead

Updated: 9/20/2023
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If you are talking about the 6 year old beauty queen then no, just death threats.

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Q: Is Eden Wood dead
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What is eden wood's full name?

Eden Alexxa Wood

How old is eden wood 2013?

eden wood is 7 years old

How can you ge in touch with Eden Wood?

What episode is Eden wood and mckenzie in in toddlers and tiaras?

eden wood is in university royalty pagent

How old is Eden Wood now?

Eden wood is 61/2 Actully, Eden Wood is 7 now. The person above was right but right now in April she is 7.

How old is Eden Wood?

Eden Wood is 12 years old (birthdate February 18, 2005).

Did eden wood have plastic surgery?

yes she did

Who is Eden woods dad?

Wade Wood

Is Eden Wood's mom only in it for the money and fame?

No!! Not at all. Eden's mom ask's EDEN if SHE want's to do it. She claimed herself "If Eden's happy I'm happy"

Can you please give me some information on Eden Wood?

Eden wood is a little girl who went from cradle to crown by doing national level pageants

What episode is eden wood on?

Eden Wood is in many episodes but she is featured the most in the universal royalty pageant episode. Now she has her very OWN show.

How old is eden wood 2011?

Eden Wood is a pageant superstar and is often featured on Toddlers and Tiaras. She is currently 6. She has a song called " Cutie Patootie".