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Surprisingly no! Classic Coca Cola contains less calories than Dr.Pepper.

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Q: Is Dr Pepper healthier than Coke?
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is dr. pepper better than coke for diabetics?

is dr. pepper better than coke for diabetics? whats the difference?

Is Dr Pepper darker than Coke?

nope coke has more syrup in it

Can a resturaunt have dr Pepper and coke?

Yes a resturaunt can have both Dr. Pepper and Coke, but it depends on what the resturaunt chooses to sell as to whether they will sell both Dr. Pepper and Coke. After all people have said that Dr. Pepper and Coke taste very similar. Bagshad :)

Which is more fizzy coke or dr pepper?

Coke because Dr. pepper waters down faster.

What is the differences between coke and Dr Pepper?

dr pepper taste better

Which soda after shaking will spew the farthest?

Between Mountain Dew, Coke and Dr. Pepper, it was Moutain Dew, then coke then Dr. Pepper.

What has more caffeine Diet Coke or diet Dr Pepper?

Dr Pepper Has 41Mg and Diet Coke Has 46 Mg :D

Does dr pepper have more carbon dioxide than coke?

Yes. Coke has very little carbon dioxide, and Dr. Pepper has the most that I have ever measured in a soda!

How many Americans like Dr. Pepper better than Diet Coke?


Something to drink that begins with d?

* Dr. Pepper * Diet Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper etc.

Wnich liquid coke or dr pepper can dissolve meat the fastest?


How much sugar is in coke Diet Coke-and-dr-pepper?

33 grams