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Q: Is David T Abercrombie and Neil abercrombie related?
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Is Neil Abercrombie related to Abercrombie and Fitch?


When was Neil Abercrombie born?

Neil Abercrombie was born on 1938-06-26.

Who is abercrombie?

Neil Abercrombie is a Governor in the state of Oahu. He was born in New York, Buffalo.

Who is the the governor of Hawaii 2012?

The governor of Hawaii in the year of 2012 is Neil Abercrombie.

Who is Neil Abercrombie the repersentative of Hawai?

Neil Ambercrombie is the Governor of Hawaii

Who is Hawaii's current 2012 governor?

Neil Abercrombie

Who is governor of Hawaii in 2010?

as of december, neil abercrombie

Who is the head of the Hawaiian government?

as of 2012, the governor or hawaii is neil abercrombie

Does Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie support same-sex marriage?

Maybe. Governor Abercrombie signed into law a bill allowing Civil Unions which his predecessor had vetoed.

Who is the mayor of Hawaii and how much votes did he get?

Mayors govern cities. Hawaii is a state with many cities. Perhaps you meant who is the governor of Hawaii? If so, it is Neil Abercrombie.

Who are the reprentatives of Hawaii?

# Patricia Saiki # Patsy Mink # Spark Matsunaga # Daniel Inouye # Mazie Hirono # Cecil HeftelCecil # Thomas Gill # Daniel Akaka # Ed Case # Neil Abercrombie

Is david and Adam Lambert related?

NO. His Brother Is Neil Lambert.