Is Carly a good person

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Hmm, Carly Morton? Yes, I would say she was a good person. You just have to get to now her. She isn't very shy, and she flirts alot. GET TO KNOW HER:)

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Q: Is Carly a good person
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Is Carly Shay a real person for the show iCarly?

yes, Carly shay is a real person. she stars in the shows iCarly and Drake and Josh. Carly Shays real name is Miranda Cosgrove.

Does Carly shay like Justin Bieber?

Carly shay is not a real person. Carly shay is who Miranda cosgrove plays on she dose not.

Who is Adam sevani datting?

A girl named Carly No he is not, People he is single and this Carly person wishes he was dating her.

Who is the other person that Carly likes?


What Carly means?

a person who is very funny and loveable

What is some good characteristics of Carly Patterson?

Some good characteristics of Carly Patterson is that she was strong willign like after she came back from her ankle injury.

On iCarly what is Carly's full name in the show?

In the programme that they star in, she is called Carly Shay but as a real person her full name is Miranda Cosgrove. Thasnk for listening, Cocoa!

Why reality show is not good for student?

I Carly and Hannah Montana

Who sings cause these are the good old days?

Carly Simon

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Who is Patrick Carly?

Patrick carly is patrick carly

How many people are named Carly in the world?

At least four. Carly Simon, Carly from Inbetweeners, Carly from Do it All and Carly G!