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Yes, They also charge higher premiums for young drivers. It's all about your risk category which is in small part determined by your age along with other things like your driving record, your claims history and comparable claims filed by others in your region.

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Q: Is Allstate Insurance Company legally allowed to raise your premium as you grow older?
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Is taking zoloft for post-partum depression legally allowed to be considered a pre-existing condition by an insurance company when there has been no lapse in coverage?

I doubt it.

How do you find out if someone had a life insurance policy before they died and you suspect executor did not notify you?

If you are allowed to look at the person who died personal records, you want to check bank statements with withdrawals to an insurance company. You must be legally allowed to do that though!

Who can be legally added to company health insurance?

the new born child in the family

Can you get auto insurance in NJ if you live in ny?

not legally, if they find out your address is wrong the insurance company can deny a claim

Can a company deny you for a prescribed drug?

Yes, an insurance company can legally deny covering prescription medication if they find that it isn't unnecessary. Sometimes this happens when the insurance company feels like the diagnoses is wrong, or the medicine is inappropriate.

If you don't have auto insurance and you get into an accident can you sue the driver who hit you?

If you were legally required to have insurance, your position might be compromised a bit, but if the other driver was at fault, and will not cover your costs, yes you could sue. Juries deciding liability usually will not be allowed to know anything about insurance coverage, because it doesn't bear on whether someone has a liability, but could sway them emotionally with the perception of a big pool of faceless money. The job of the insurance company is to cover the liability once it has been legally established.

After settling with the insurance company for a totaled car do you keep the car or does the insurance compnay?

Legally, if the company pays you for the totaled vehicle, it belongs to them. You can offer (if they don't) to by the scraps back. This would be deducted from your settlement and you would be paid the difference.

Will my heath insurance pay my medical bills if i was legally drunk when i had my car accident?

Over and above medical coverage on your auto insurance. There is no way you can get out of telling your auto insurance company about the accident, because the health insurance company will tell them about it first. This also depends on whether or not your State allows health insurance to cover such accidents.

How long can you wait to file a medical insurance company claim?

Well, your answer is essentially whatever the statute of limitations is legally, regardless of what your insurance company says. In most cases a reasonable delay in filing accompanied by an explanation for the delay will suffice.

Can a man claim his live in girlfriend on his insurance if he's still legally married to someone else?

The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.

What car insurance is legally required in Tennessee?

It is required to have liability car insurance to legally drive in Tennessee.

Do you have to tell the insurances company you are not the owner but your mam when insuring the car?

Well you cannot insure a vehicle that does not legally belong to you. You Mother would need to get the insurance in her name and list you as the driver of the vehicle. This is the only way to legally obtain insurance on this vehicle with the information you have provided.