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It depens on your height. Normally yes, but it mostly depends on how tall you are

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Q: Is 94 pounds underweight for a 12 year old?
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12 year old weighs 55 pounds 4ft5 is that underweight?


Is 91 pounds underweight for an twelve year old girl who is 4 foot nine?

91 pounds is not under weight for a 12 year old girl who is 4 foot nine.

I am a 12 year old girl and weigh 73 pounds and i am 5'2 inches tall am i considered underweight?

Yes you would because a 12 year old girl should weigh in around 80-100.

How can a 5' 4 102 pound 12-year-old lose 6 pounds?

You are already underweight in relation to your height. You do not need to lose weight.

Should a 5 foot 12 year old girl weigh 84 pounds?

That is the average weight. I am 13 and weigh 78 lbs. I am underweight, but not that much

Are you fat if you weigh 97 pounds and are a 12 year old who is 5'2?

I am 13 and 5ft 6inches and only weigh 65 pounds and i am underweight but not anorexic

What is the average weight of a 5'6.5 12 year old girl?

I am 13 year old girl and 5'6. I weigh 118 pounds and the doctor said for my height my weight is suppose to be 120 to 140 pounds. Technically I am 2 pounds underweight. :D So if you are between 120-140 pounds, you're fine.(:

Is a 4' 7 104 pound 12-year-old over or underweight?

A 12 year old (female) child who is 104.0 pounds and 4 feet and 7 inches tall, has a body mass index of 24.2, which is at the 93.2th percentile and means that you are overweight.

You are 12 years old and you weigh only 75 pounds Is that under-weight?

Underweight yes. Healthy yes.

Is 7 stone 12 underweight for a 16 year old girl?

No, actually for a 16 year old that's quite underweight. But on the other hand, it all depends on your height, but in general that is quite underwight.

Your 12 years old and a girl your height is 5 feet 2 inches and weigh 90 pounds and are you underweight?

yes.... you can check your bmi and it is under 21 which means you are underweight

Im 80 pouds 5'2 and 12 year old girl?

You are underweight if you only weigh 80 pounds and are 5 feet 2 inches tall. The normal, healthy weight for this height is between 104 and 131 pounds.