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it reallly depends on your height and other characteristics personal to you soo tok now the best way is to ask a doctor or work out ur bmi

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Q: Is 7 and a half stone over weight for a 12 year old girl?
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14 year old girl who weighs 7.71 stone and is 5'3 Is that over weight?

no you are not over weight

Is 9 stone over-weight for a twelve year old girl?


Is 8 stone an average weight for an 11 year old?

I am 11 and 6 stone and a half. It doesn't mean that your over weight because you may be really tall!

You are 11 years old and 8 stone are you over weight?

when i was 11 i weighed 6 and a half stone and i got told that an ideal weight for an 11 year old depending if u r a boy or a girl when you are a girl you usually hit puberty at 11 and start to lose baby fat at 13 but if you are a boy you tend to hit puberty later at 13 girl: 6-8 stone boy: 7-9 stone whatever gender you are you are an OK weight for your age be happy with your body and remember to eat healthy and do exersize!

What is the weight for a girl who is 5'3?

there isn't really a proper weight im 5'2 and just over 5 stone but there isn't a right or wrong weight to be

What is the average weight for a girl in year seven that is 5'2 they way 5 stone is that over weight?

no way, she is far to much underweight.

I am 10 and weigh 7 and a half stone neally and I am 4 foot 6 am I over weight?

No you are not over weight, and as you grow you will become leaner naturally. At 10 you should be out enjoying yourself not worrying about being 7 stone.

You are a 15 year old girl and weigh 11 stone and 8lb are you over weight?

It depends on your height.

An 11 year olg girl weighs 5 stone and is 148 cm tall Is she over weight?


Is a 14 year old girl that is quite tall but weighs 11 stone over weight?

how tall are you? to put things in perspective i am 15years old 5ft 6 weigh bout 11 and a half stone and i am overweight by about a stone. i dont really know weather this helps but hope it does.

You are a 15 year old girl you weigh 9 stone you are 5 ft 5 you think you are over weight is it true?

depends on what the "stone" stands for...

You are 14 years old and you weigh 8 stone 5 you are also 5ft8 are you over weight?

Not at all, half a stone lighter and I'd say you are underweight.