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140 is a good weight because i know a girl that's in the sixth grade an she weighs 128 and she is real skinny

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Q: Is 140 a good weight for 13 year old who is 5'5'?
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Is 140 a good weight for a 12 year old?

No, the 12 year old would be overweight, whether in pounds or kilograms.

What is the average weight for a thick 12 year old 5'4 girl?

About 130-140 is good!

17 year old girl 5ft2 what your weight?


How much should a 5' 5 13-year-old girl weight?

There is no set weight. Everyone is different but 110- 140 is pretty good

What is the healthy weight for a 24 year old I am 5'5.?

about 140...are u over weight?

What is the Ideal average weight for a 45 year old female?


What is a good weight for a 6' twenty year old male?

The weight that is good for a 6 foot tall 20 year old male is between 140 up to 177 pounds. At this height, you would be considered obese if you were at or above 221 pounds.

Is 140 pounds a good weight for a 11yr old?

maybe a little

What is the average weight for a 57 year old woman 5'3?

A 57 year old average weight should be 140-160 pounds I think

What is the average weight for a 60 year old female height 5.4?


What weight is normal for a 5'2 14 year old girl?

120 - 140

Average weight for a 5'4 16 year old girl?