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no, that's extremely underweight... you should weight at least 120 pounds

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Q: Is 106 pounds a healthy weight for 14 year old boy and 5'7?
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What is average weight of 5' 0 13 year-old?

I am 106 pounds and i am 13 and 5 feet tall

Is 105-106 pounds heavy for a 13 year old 5'1 girl?

No, 105 to 106 pounds is a very good weight for a 13 year old 5 foot 1 inch girl. It is not heavy at all.

What is Ellen degeneres weight?

About 145 pounds.

Are you healthy if your 4'9 and weigh 106?

im 4'9 and i weigh 95 pounds

How much does josie loren weight?

106 pounds. she's 5'2

What weight is 48 kg?

48kg is 470.7 newtons or 106 pounds (rounded).

If you are eleven years old and five foot three is it normal for you to weigh about 106 pounds?

an eleven year olds average height is supposed to be 4ft and 4in. and weight 77lbs, but based on your height, it is normal to have that weight.

Is 106 pounds for a 5'0 12 year old girl?

Thats ok

What is the average weight for a 5'2.5'' 14 year old girl?

When I was 14 and 5'2 I weighed from 106-110 pounds. However, I was very athletic so my weight might have been lower than the average. If you go to and click on Health - BMI Calculator you can see the proper weight for your age and height.

What is 106 pounds to kilograms?

106 pounds = 48 (48.0808) kg

How many pounds is 106 ounces?

106 ounces is 6.63 pounds.

What is the average weight for a 13 year old girl 160 cm height?

The 'Body Mass Index' (BMI) is used to calculate the optimal weight of a person B.M.I= weight (Kg)/ height2 (m2) if B.M.I lies between 18.5 and 25, the person is said to have optimal weight. Hence a person whose height is 155cm(i.e 1.55m) can weigh between 44.5Kg and 60Kg.