Is 100 degree fever okay

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Any fever is an indication that something is wrong, but, as fevers go, 100 degrees (I assume Fahrenheit) is pretty mild.

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Q: Is 100 degree fever okay
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Is 98.3 a fever?

No. 100 is usually considered a low fever. 98.6 is average. 98.3 is on the low end of normal. 101 is when people start to worry about a fever, but 100 is when a child would be sent home from school, so make your determination from that, I suppose.

Is a 100 degree temperature dangerous?

A body temperature of over 100 indicates you have a fever. If it is below 102, you should be ok, just make sure to take some medicine to reduce your fever, and get fluids and bed-rest.

What is the Fahrenheit degree for 37.8 Celsius for a baby thermometer?

100 degrees F is 37.8 C. Anything 100 and higher is considered a fever in infants and children.

Is it okay to take hot baths during first trimester?

Depends on your degree of "hot". Water that is 100 degrees and above can be dangerous.

Is it okay to eat hamburgers if you have a fever?

Yes, eating a hamburger should not cause your fever to go up.

How is 101 degree fever?

It is higher than the normal body temperature and that is what a fever is.

How is a 101 degree fever good for you?

The positive aspect of a 101 degree fever is that it helps to rid the body of bacterial infection (by killing the bacteria).

What causes a fever when you have third degree burns?

Fever is most often a sign of infection.

What does a 100.6 degree temperature mean?

A temperature of 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a mild fever. It may be an indication of an infection or illness. It's recommended to monitor for other symptoms and consult a healthcare provider if needed.

Is it considered a fever if you have a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit?

Yes, you would have a fever if you have a temp of 100 F.

Is a 99.4 fever for an adult after laporoscopic hysterectomy?

Some degree of fever is common after surgical procedure.

What is the degree of damage scarlet fever causes?