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Follow the map all the way back to Heldreth Perch and the smith is standing near a statue

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Q: In wizard 101 were is colossus boulevard smith?
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What level do you get to go to colossus boulevard on wizard 101?

you have to be in about 11 or up

How do you get into coleuses boulevard in wizard 101?

You must complete cyclops lane and firecat alley, and then you can get to colossus boulevard

Where is the gobbler kings castle in wizard 101?

In Colossus Boulevard which you can get to through the Shopping District.

Where is the gobler king no wizard 101?

The gobbler king is in the gobble stone castle in colossus boulevard.

Where is the colossus boulveyard smith on wizard101?

the colossus blvd. smith on wizard 101 is at the Hidreth Perch

Where is the colossus boulevard smith in wizard 101?

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Where is colossus boulevard on wizard 101?

in the shopping district when ur at the shopping disrict look at ur map and it will show u

How do you complete wizard city in wizard 101?

Complete all the quests in the main story line. This doesnt include side quests on any street; or Colossus Boulevard.

How do you get an ice snake in wizard 101?

Prince Gobblestone from Colossus Boulevard and Krokhotep from the Emperor's Retreat in krokotopia has it. You can also get it by hatching with other players too.

How do you get a silver colossus pet in wizard 101?

You can get it by Defeating the runed devestator in hall of valor

Where is the commons smith in wizard 101?

in the fairgrounds

Where is the wizard city Smith in wizard 101?

The Smiths are spread throughout Wizard City. There is no "Wizard City Smith" if you are looking for the Commons Smith, he is in the Carnival near the wall behind the tents.