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Q: In what film does a fairy godmother grant wishes with Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo?
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In which film does the fairy godmother grant wishes to bibbidi bobbidi boo?


If you touch a fairy will it not grant your wishes?

As far as i know, fairies do not grant wishes. Sorry.

How do you tell you're a fairy?

If you have wings and can grant wishes you can be a fairy

Can Santa grant you 3 wishes?

Yes I think Santa will grant you 3 wishes for Christmas if you were a good kid. -------------------------------------------------------------------- NO. Santa is not a Genie, it is only Genies, Leprechauns and Fairy Godmothers that can grant wishes. Santa's Job is managing the north pole toy factory and delivering the presents on Christmas Eve.

How do you grant peoples wishes?

No one can grant wishes.

Can you grant me my wishes?


How many wishes does a fairy grant at once?

Well, generally you are given 3 wishes or unlimited wishes. You have to make each wish one at a time. But, you can still make them relatively close together. Or like the previous editor said... it depends on the writer. yeah your right man..

What wishes did Zeus grant to Athena?

he didn't grant her any wishes but he let her swear a virginity oath

Can gods grant wishes?

Well that depends on if you believe in God or not. If you believe in God you have to have faith in him to grant your wishes.

How do you get rid of genies?

In fairy tales it is possible to get rid of genies in one of two ways. A person can make the genie grant them three wishes or they can trap the genie in the bottle by tricking them with wine.

What can gold do?

it can grant wishes from lepricons :)

Who can grant your wishes fast?

God can.