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Q: In the primary ignition circuit the negative terminal on the coil is connected to?
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When an ammeter is connected in a circuit which terminal of the battery must be connected to the positive terminal of the ammeter?

The positive terminal of the battery would be connected to the positive terminal of the ammeter. The load would then be connected between the two negative terminals, positive side of the load being connected to the negative side of the ammeter.

What are the differences between a parallel circuit and a series circuit?

in parallel circuit passive components such as resistor capacitor and inductor are connected in such away tht all components positive sided terminals are connected together and similarly negative sided terminals. and then positive terminal of the source is connected to positive side and vice versa.while in case of series circuit negative terminal of first component is connected to the positive terminal of the second component and so on and then source is connected

What does the positive side of the battery do?

When connected to the cable which normally runs to the starter it completes the circuit. Electrons flow from the negative terminal to the positive terminal.

Can the car run without the negative terminal connected?

The negative teminal needs to be connected to complete the electrical circuit. Without that none of the electronics in the vehicle will work, including the starter.

What condition under is a diode never intentionally operated?

In the reverse-bias condition, the negative terminal of the source is connected to the anode side of the circuit and the positive terminal is connected to the cathode side.

An electrochemical cell is connected to a circuit by its?


Why the bulb is not lighting when one wire or terminal is not connected?

When one wire or terminal is not connected to a light bulb, it is not possible for electricity to complete the circuit. When a circuit is not completed, the bulb will not light. An off switch, for example, breaks the circuit.

What is the difference between negative and ground in electronic circuit?

you have not specified whether in AC system or A DC...but any ways general approach is A ground is the point which is specified as null potential point connected to body/chasis of equipment while Negative terminal is the low potential terminal used as reference for positive terminal and all currents will be returns thru the negative point to complete the circuit as per kirchoff's law. thanks.

When electric circuit is closed no current flow through it IS the statement is correct?

yes... this is possible if a diode i connected in reverse bias with a battery and a resistor for example. A diode in reverse bias means its anode will be connected to positive terminal of the battery and its cathode to the negative terminal of the battery. In such a case, minimal current flows through the circuit which can be neglected.

Which direction do you put arrows in the circuit diagrams?

We will put the arrows in the circuit diagram from negative terminal to the positive terminal🤗🤗 Thanks..................

Why do the terminals of the battery have to be connected to different poles of the light bulb for the circuit to complete in a safe manner?

The current flows from the positive terminal, along the wire, through the bulb and along the other wire back to the negative terminal.

When you connect cells in series which two quantities are the same for all cells?

When battery cells are connected in series and a conducting circuit is connected between the terminals of the string, the current out of the positive terminal of each cell and the current into the negative terminal of each cell are all the same number.