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Q: In the past 20 years what percentage of car accident fatalities involved alcohol?
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Alcohol is involved in what percentage of teen driving fatalities?


Alcohol was involved in percent of the total traffic fatalities in 2004 nationwide?


How often are American involved in a alcohol accident?

Approximately 30% of Americans will be in an accident involving alcohol.

Who is the most fatal accident during driving?

Drivers impaired by alcohol and drugs are responsible for over 40% of automobile fatalities.

What is the major cause of fatalities involving small vessels?

The major cause of fatalities involving small vessels is alcohol. The majority of fatal accidents involved drowning, but the leading cause of this was alcohol usage.

Is it true that 25 percent of fatalities on the road are related to alcohol?

It certainly is safe to say that, but actually the percentage is probably higher.

What is the Percent of fatality collisions involve alcohol when driving?

=== === Total Traffic Fatalities (California) 3,989 Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities 1,606 Percent that are alcohol-related 40.2% Total Traffic Fatalities (United States) 41,907 Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities 17,126 Percent that are alcohol-related 40.9%

In Florida the number of alcohol-related traffic deaths increased in 2009 compared to 2008.?

The percentage of traffic fatalities in the U.S. that are alcohol-related is about 39%. This percentage has dropped steadily for about 25 years. It's important to realize that alcohol-related does not mean alcohol-caused, although it often is.

What percentage of traffic fatalities are alcohol related in florida?

The number of deaths total was 3244. The number of alcohol related deaths was 1041. Divide 1041 by 3244 and you're left with around .32. Convert the decimal into a fraction and then you're left with 32%. The percentage of traffic fatalities that were alcohol-related is 32% when compared to the total amount of traffic related deaths in florida in 2008.

What percentage is alcohol involved in fatal car accidents?

50 percent

Leading cause of alcohol related deaths?

Alcohol-related traffic fatalities.

Alcohol is involved in what percent of teen driving fatalities?

About 25% of teens die due to intoxication and about 3,000 teens die each year due to intoxication.