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Q: In order to clean a surface what must happen to surface tension?
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What must happen to surface tension in order to clean a surface?

must decrease

What must particles in a liquid overcome in order to break away from the surface and evaporate?

surface tension

Is there a way to increase the surface tension of water?

The surface tension of "pure" water against air at 20 degrees C is 72.75 dynes/cm. This increases with cooling and decreases with heating. Most inorganic solutes increase the surface tension of the solution when dissolved in water. Most mineral acids decrease the surface tension of the solution in water (sulfuric acid is the most obvious exception). Most organic compounds decrease the surface tension of the solution in water (organic acids and alcohols are often exceptions). It is important to note that we are talking about increasing and decreasing the surface tensions of solutions of these things in water with respect to distilled water. In order to change the surface tension of distilled water, just changing the temperature will suffice. PS : At 0 degrees Celsius, the surface tension of water is 75.6 dynes/cm, at 100 degrees it is only 58.9 dynes/cm.

How are small insects able to walk on the surface of water?

The oil on their feet is strong enough to repel the water and there weight is spread out enough that when their feet touch the water, the oil and the water repel each other like when you pour oil on water the oil floats on the top... same principle

How does the changing of the earth surface affect the pathway of water?

in order for it to happen justin bieber has to be there

What is water's surface tension?

Here are some explanations of surface tension:Surface tension is a property of the surface of a liquid that causes it to behave as an elastic sheet. It allows insects, such as the water strider (pond skater, UK), to walk on water too. It allows small objects, even metal ones such as needles, razor blades, or foil fragments, to float on the surface of water, and it is the cause of capillary action.5.18 pounds / feet at 0 degree Celsius. Or as I remember it is 72 dyne / centimeter at 25 degree Celsius. The surface tension of water is the force required in order to float at the water's surface, hence making water to behave like an elastic sheet.Water surface tension is contractive tendency of the surface of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force. The beading of water on a waxy surface, such as a leaf, is an example of water surface tension.

Arrange the liquids bromine formaldehyde and water in order of decreasing viscosity surface tension and boiling point?

What is the reason that a crushed tin ball of foil will sink and and flat piece of it floats?

A flat piece of tin foil may float on top of water due to surface tension. A crushed ball of foil does not have near the amount of surface area in contact with the surface of the water, so the surface tension is not sufficient to keep it suspended. Note that if you place a flat sheet of foil in the bottom of a container and pour water in on top of it however, it will not rise to the top to float; you have to place it on top carefully in order to get it to float.

What would happen first in order for a new island to be created by volcanic eruption?

Magma must find its way toward the surface of the crust.

A block is connected to the surface of a table via a string and an electric field is switched on perpendicular to it what will be the tension in the string when it becomes parallel to the field?

In order to know how much tension is on an object, you need to know how much force is being exerted by the object. The formula needed to find out how much force is on an object is T1F1.

Is a bubble humidifier a low humidity or high humidity device And why?

It's a low humidity device. It does not require heat in order to work. The diffuser inside the humidifier increases surface tension of the incoming air/gas. This increases agitation, increasing the amount of humidity. Think of when you wisk an egg in a bowl. You're increasing the surface tension of the egg (fluffing it up) with incoming air. The air you're adding to the egg is getting 'wet'.

If you gave your Yorkshire Terrier a bone what can happen?

Some dry food or bone should be given to Yorkshire Terrier to chew, in order to keep its teeth strong and clean.