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Q: In order for concealment or misrepresentation to void a policy it must be?
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What three 3 things must be true in order for misrepresentation or concealment to prevent recovery under a policy?

I'll take a stab at it; 1) Knowingly/intentionally supplying wrong/incorrect or misleading information 2) to gain/aquire coverage/policy 3) Had the company known the correct/true information that would not have taken on the risk/insured/policy.

What three 3 conditions must be present in order for misrepresentation or concealment to prevent recovery under an insurance policy?

(1) The defendant made a false representation of a past or existing material fact susceptible of knowledge. (2) The defendant did so knowing the representation was false, or without knowing whether it was true or false. (3) The defendant intended to induce the plaintiff to act in reliance on that representation.

Are you covered if your boyfriend crashes your car?

Is your boyfriend listed as a driver on your auto policy? Does he live with you? If you do not have him listed as a driver on your policy and he is a regular driver or if he resides with you he must be listed as a driver on your policy. This is a part of your policy terms. If you do not abide by the policy terms the company can deny the claim due to material misrepresentation. This means if you lie to them they don't have to pay the claim.

State two 02 requirements which make the misrepresentation actionable?

For a representation to be actionable: 1) It must be a false statement of fact or law (not a mere puff, statement of opinion or statement of intention) from the misrepresentor 2) The misrepresentee must have placed reliance on the misrepresentation 3) It is the misrepresentation that induced him into the contract

By what time during the day must I order flowers for it to be delivered on the same day?

All companies are different, you must check with their local policy. Many flower companies' policy is that the order must be made and paid by noon to be delivered the same day.

What are policy of companies?

In order to have a successful company having a written policy is a must to maintain order. They provide clear written instructions on how employees are expected to behave.

What is innocent misrepresentation?

When misrepresentation occurs as a result of a statement made, which the inducer honestly thought was true at the time. If they find out later that it was a false statement they must inform the contracting party immediately.

What are the implications of material facts to insurance?

A material fact is any fact that would reasonably influence an insurers underwriting decision on a policy, i.e.: would influence their decision whether to issue a policy or the premium for the policy. For example, if you apply for an automobile insurance policy and represent that you are accident and violation free, when in fact you were responsible for a DUI accident last year, your misrepresentation is considered material as the insurer would not have issued the policy if in possession of the facts. Conversely, if you insure a 2009 F-150 Black pickup truck when the vehicle is , in fact, a 2009 F-150 Green pickup, the misrepresentation is not material as it would not influence the decision to insure or the premium charged. The effect of a material misrepresentation varies by state. In the majority of states, known as increase in risk states, a material misrepresentation is grounds for recission of the policy, i.e.: the policy is declared void ab initio (from the beginning) effectively no policy ever existed and any intervening losses are uninsured. In a minority of states, known as contribute to risk states, the misrepresentation must actually contribute to a loss for the loss not to be covered, e.g.: you represent that a wood framed & sided building is fire resistant masonry construction and the building burns to the ground. Life insurance is treated similarly with the exception that policies are required to contain incontestability clauses which prevent recission after the passage of a period of time (typically two years).

A misrepresentation in law is?

A misrepresentation in law occurs when one party makes a false statement of fact to induce another party to enter into a contract. This false statement must be material and relied upon by the other party to their detriment. Misrepresentation can make a contract voidable by the innocent party.

What are elements of misrepresentation?

Elements of misrepresentation typically include a false statement of fact, made with the intent to deceive, which induces another party to enter into a contract or take an action to their detriment. The misrepresented fact must be material, meaning it is an important factor that influences the decision-making process. Finally, the deceived party must reasonably rely on the false statement and suffer harm as a result.

When shopping for life insurance do you have to disclose denied coverage?

You must honestly answer all questions on the application. Ordinarily, there is a question pertaining to prior denials of insurance. If you do not accurately answer the question the insurer may have a later basis for denying payment of a claim. Alternatively, if the misrepresentation is discovered before a claim is made (in this case, before death), the insurer usually has a basis to void the policy and return all premiums paid to the point it discovers the misrepresentation.

Can you go to jail for hiding your car from being repossessed in Texas?

If a court order has been issued (A 'Writ of Replevin') then you must turn the car over. If you purposefully hide it after this (Concealment) then this is an offence that you can be charged for, and prison is certainly one outcome.