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You have to choose 'set score', and enter 0 in the box.

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Q: In Game Maker 7 how do you reset the score in a platform game?
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How do you reset score to zero in game maker 8?

Get a Set Variable Action and in the first field type score and the second type 0. Easy

In Game Maker 7 how do you make the score not reset at the beginning of each level?

Stop setting score. Set the score on the first level's room creation code. Set it to a global. variable as well.

How do you create a platform game in game maker?

In Game Maker 7 how do you halve the score?

Go to the score tab and drag the "Set Score" action into the action box. Then type "score/2" without the quotes. Alternatively, you can use the code: score/=2; This works because the score is stored in a variable called score, and you are telling Game Maker to divide this variable by two.

How can you do for losing points in the score of game maker?

As you increase score by adding 1 relative to your previous score, you subtract score by adding -1 relative to your previous score.

What is the code on game maker 8 to set score to 0 if hit by something?

score = 0; Put the code in a collision event.

How do you enable score on your game maker game?

use:score += 5;etc.anddraw_text(x,y,'Score: ' + string(score));If using noob mode(action blocks) use "set the score" with relative. Also use "draw the score" or "set the window mode".

How do you draw score or coins on game maker 8 pro?

draw_text(0,0,score); For coins, you'll need to make a variable that stores how many to draw.

Who is the game maker?

Sorry, But this area is for game maker questions only, GAME MAKER, As in the PROGRAM GAME MAKER, Not Other Game Makers, Game maker is owned by yoyo games, So please dont post questions about other game makers here, but, to answer your question, game maker is the best game maker, just search yoyogames game maker in Google UK.

Where can you find an iPhone app maker that lets you create platform games?

Game salad And go on YouTube and search pwnjasper and look at they're videos

Can you transfer a game from game maker to game maker studio?


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