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do nothing

this is another user...and i say do anything to get you out of pain but don't ruin the friendship u have with ur friend...BE HONEST ABOUT HOW U FEEL

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Q: Im in love with my best friends boyfriend what can you do?
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Im in love with your best friends bf but his your best friend what should you do?

You should respect their relationship.

Im in love with one of my closest friends but she has a boyfriend and she thinks he may of cheated on her should i tell her how i feel?

if she is happy with her boyfriend then leave her be but if you think that it will benifit her lifestyle or her happieness then tell her

My Boyfriend is jealous of My friends who are boys. Im friends with some boys who are also friends with my boyfriend but everytime i talk to them or im friendly he gets upset or angry. what can i do?

tell him that if he cant handle you being around other boys then that's it!

Im in love with boyfriend but falling for girl?

what should i do? i love my boyfriend, but my feelings for this girl are so strong, and were so alike its rediculas.. and im afraid that if i break up with my boyfriend for this girl everything will be messed up... what do i do.

You are a Scorpio and im in love and don't know what to do?

Did you talk to anyone you can trust about this? Usually, it's best to be friends first before you can love someone.

How do you be friends with your boyfriend?

I Know It Sounds Weird But You Gotta Play Wit Em Like You Do Your Friends. But Not To Much. Dont Treat Him Like Your Friend. Im Best Friends With My Boyfriend N I Jus Act Myself Around Him N He Sees How You Are Then Hell Act Himself Too.

Im I ever gonna have a boyfriend?

Having a boyfriend depends on your social circle and ideals of love.

How should you apologize to your best friend you were in love with?

Say Im sorry i cant help how I feel about You but I hope we can still be friends

Why are you scared to have a boyfriend?

i have one im just scared we will fall out of love .

Should you kiss your boyfriend in middle school?

if you love im you should

Im in love with my ex boyfriend best friend what can I do?

Dating your ex-boyfriend's best friend is an option, however, it could potentially lead to drama. There are plenty of guys out there to choose from, so it might be wise to focus on someone else.

You love love this guy he knows that you love him he's your best friendbut he doesn't love you?

im in that same situation.....except im the guy and shes the one who doesnt love me........its partly because he doesnt feel the same way because you are his best friend. it might also be because he still wants to be best friends and hes got his crosshairs, if you will, on someone else