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well you aren't exactly over weight but a little exercise now and then wouldn't hurt..I'm 5'3 and im 12, i weigh 90pounds but that is still good as long as you exercise....Daily!Im 11 and I am 5'1 and weigh 119 pounds... My g-ma is always telling me im fat... I do excercise but I cant seem to lose weight! What should I do?

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Q: Im a 11 year old 5'2 girl who weighs 120 pounds am I over weight?
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Sounds just about right....

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I am an 11 year old girl who is 5'2 and i weigh 105 pounds but I guess you are fine because you are 3 years older than me. I think you should weigh 10 pounds less well.

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that is a healthy average weight. you are definitely NOT over weight

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