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NO it's not bad at all. Depending on your height its okay to be between 95 to 120 if you are 4'10 and 20 so If you are only 12 being 105 is perfectly normal. I would ask your doctor if he says you are healthy that's all that matters. If anyone here says that you are underweight and should gain. Don't listen to them. Everyone is different so its best to ask your doctor.

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Q: Im 12 and you weigh 105 lbsis that bad?
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Is it bad to be 12 and weigh 102 lbs?

No. Your supposed to be about 105-110 when you're that age.

if im 12 years old and my hight is 4'11 how much should i weigh?

80 to 120 i am 12 and 5'1 and i weigh 105 pounds and i do gymnastics and cheer.

How much is a 12 year old 5ft ment to weigh?

anywhere from 90 to 105

How much is a 12 year old have to weigh if she is 5.3ft?

A 12 year old that is 5-6 ft tall is would most probably weigh 105 or less :)

You are 11 going to be 12 in March you are 5'1'' amd weigh 105 pounds is that a lot?

Your fine

Is it bad to be 12 and weigh 71 pounds?


What number is 12 percent to 105?

12% of 105 = 12% * 105 = 0.12 * 105 = 12.6

How much did Selena Gomez weigh at 12?

well at 11 she weighed 90 pound and at 13 she weighed 105

What is average weight of 5 foot 2 12 Years old?

105 -110 i think. What do u weigh??

How much does WWE's the Miz weigh?

in wwe 12 it said 10 thousand and 32 pounds???but its 105 kg

How much should a 13 year old girl with the height of 5'3 weigh?

Well, I am 12 1/2 and am 5"2 1/2, and I weigh 105 pounds. So I would about 105 pounds would be about the right weight.

Is it bad if your 12 years old and weigh 160 pounds?

I'm 12 and i weigh 186 i don't know what to do i know its not a healthy weight