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In general, Nobody is liable for an act of nature. Your homeowners hazard insurance will cover damages to your home.

The neighbor would be liable only if your can prove willful negligence on the part of your neighbor.

Generally you will never be able to prove such a natural calamity to be any ones possible fault that too documented proof against the party would be hard to produce.

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Q: If your neighbor had no insurance when his rotten tree fell on your house?
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Who is liable when your neighbors rotten tree falls on your house or car falls on your property?

In general, Nobody is liable for an act of nature. Your auto insurance comprehensive coverage would cover damages to your car. Your homeowners insurance will cover damages to your home. The neighbor would be liable only if your can prove the neighbor knew the tree was rotten and posed a risk. If a car falls on your property, that would mean a tornado picked it up and it fell on your home. You insurance would cover that damage.

If a rotten tree on your rental property fell on the house doing lots of damage will your insurance pay for the damage if you did not know the tree was rotten?

Yes, you should have coverage under you home insurance policy for natural occurrences such as felled trees and tree limbs.

What if a neighbor's tree fell on house and it was not due to weather?

The question can not be answered until you disclose the reason it fell.

If the neighbors tree fell on your house during a hurricane took out the fence and damaged your roof of your house does their homeowners insurance cover the damage?

NO. Your neighbor is not liable for an act of nature that fells a tree. Your homeowners insurance will fix the damage to your property and the neighbors insurance would fix damage to the neighbors property. It does not matter who the tree belonged to.AnswerMaybe. It doesn't hurt to try if your neighbor will tell you who they are insured with. They are not obligated to do so. AnswerI'm not really sure. However, I do have a friend and his neighbor's house actually fell on top of his, but they considered it still standing and didn't give the full amount of the house's worth. AnswerYour own homeowner's insurance should cover this. If they think the neighbor is responsible, they will collect from his insurance company. In a hurricane a tree could have come from the next county - then how would you know whose tree it was? It depends on your state's laws, but most would consider this an act of nature and you are responsible for the damage caused by your neighbors tree. Call your insurance company, if you have a storm damage rider, this will most likely be covered.

If a seemingly healthy tree broke in half and fell on neighboring apartments following days of bad weather should your insurance cover this or the neighbor's?

The neighbor's insurance must cover his own damage. That is how homeowners insurance works. A property owner is not liable for an act of nature.

What should you do if your neighbor's tree was hit by lightning and fell damaging your home and his insurance says they are not liable and your insurance rates will go up if you make a claim?

Call your insurance company and let them duke it out with his. If it is his tree...his liability insurance will pay. 4lifeguild

A neighbor's tree fell on my car?

Nobody is liable for an act of nature. The comprehensive portion of your own auto insurance would cover the damages to your own car.

Will homeowners cover my car if damaged?

No, That's what Auto Insurance is for. Unless maybe your house fell on your car.

Who is resposible when tree falls and pulls down neighbors electrical wiring and damages house?

The neighbor is responsible for his own property. If your tree fell on his house, he is responsible for the damage. That is how homeowners insurance works. * No one is "legally" responsible if it was a result of a natural occurrance. The neighbor whose tree fell and damaged the other person's property cannot be held accountable for a situation that was not in his or her control. If the tree fell as a result of a storm, the person whose property was damaged should claim it on their homeowner's insurance is possible. If it fell and damaged property due to it being trimmed or removed, the liability lies with the person who was taking the action. It would be a nice gesture if the neighbor who owned the tree agreed to share the damage cost, but in the majority of cases he or she cannot be held legally liable.

If a tree fell in neighbor's yard during tornado does the tree owner pay or neighbor?

The tree owner is usually responsible for removing the fallen tree from the neighbor's yard. However, if the tree was healthy and well-maintained before the tornado, and it fell due to an "Act of God," then the neighbor's insurance might cover the cost of removing the tree. It's best to check with both insurance companies to determine liability.

Who covers the damage if a limb fell from a healthy tree on a neighbor's car?

You will have to file a claim on your own comprehensive auto Insurance. A property owners insurance will not cover damages to your vehicle because a property owner is not liable for an act of nature.

If a neighbor's tree fell on your property who is liable in NZ?

Unless you can prove that the neighbor was negligent by not removing the tree then your insurance pays for your damage. For negligence to occur the neighbor would have to know that the tree was dead and about to fall on your property. Usually you would have had to notify your neighbor in writing of the tree's impending falling for them to be liable.