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Q: If your gums were cut do they grow back?
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Can gums grow back?


Do Planaria always grow back their body when you cut them?

Yes, they do! You can cut them in any way you want and they will grow back!

Do toes grow back if they get cut off?

No, the bones will not grow back. Ever.

Does cabbage grow back after you cut it?


If you cut off bangs will they grow back?

yes they will grow back twice as faster

Do lungs grow back if a piece is cut off?

don't know, does it grow back.

On harvest moon magical melody Wii does lumber grow back after you cut it?

It will grow back, just not necessarily at that same spot that you cut it at.

Tick head cut off will it grow back?

Yes. Tick heads do grow back.

Will my eyelashes grow back if I cut them?


If you cut them down will they grow back?


Will spikes grow back if you cut themARLO?


What do teeth grow out of?

your gums