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You must have SR22 insurance

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Q: If your drivers license is suspended for to many points what type of insurance must you either purchase or prove that you had on effective date of the suspension?
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If your driver license is suspended for too many points.what type of insurance must you either purchase or prove that you had on effective date of the suspension?

full cover insurance

Can you purchase insurance to cover a accident?

No, you can not. All insurance policies are effective form the date of purchase, not retroactively.

Can you purchase a non-driver insurance policy with a suspended drivers license since you live in your parents home?


Can you get license plates when your license is suspended?

No because when it is suspended it is taken away from you. all 50 states, you can buy, own and register a car even if you are suspended. However, most dealerships will require a valid license and insurance to purchase a car. Most insurance companies will also give policies even if you are suspended ie. progressive.

What happens if you get a no insurance ticket then purchase insurance the same day?

You will still have to pay the tickets. I just went through this. Your licnese will get suspended and you will have to pay 375 to reinstate it and 250 for having no insurance. they will call your insurance agent and get the time you got your insurance.

Can you get car insurance in Texas if you have a New York drivers license that has been suspended for an insurance lapse?

Yes You can. You need to purchase Auto Insurance and file Form SR22 with your state of license issue and pay any associated fines or fees. After the suspension is cleared you may then apply to the state of Texas for transfer. The stat emay require that you continue your SR22 filing for the time period described by the former state.

Can you purchase a car with a expired or suspended license and no insurance?

The dealer is not going to care if you have a license except for identification. You would only need to show proof of insurance if you are financing the vehicle because if they are not financing it, they have no interest in what happens to it once it is off their lot.

Can you get new tags if your license is suspended?

I was wondering if I the owner of the vehicle get suspend do to non compliance of insurance would it be that the co-owner be able to purchase tags for the car in his name since he owns it to.

Where can one purchase car insurance?

One can purchase car insurance by contacting their local insurance broker. Many insurance companies such as Progressive, Geico, and Allstate can be contacted directly to purchase insurance.

Can a felon with a suspended imposition of sentence purchase a firearm?


Where can you purchase sickness insurance?

One can purchase sickness insurance from any major health insurance company. One can purchase this insurance from Aviva, Bupa, Aetna and Simply Health.

Where can I purchase car insurance in Louisiana?

You can purchase car insurance in Louisiana at