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the other person merging into your lane. it is the person's responsibility to merge safely with traffic. they need to be going faster then the people already there. you being on the road gives you the right way. i see this all the time. most people think that you should move over for them. no. wrong. they need to step on the gas OS step on the brakes.

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Q: If your car get hit by another car merging into your lane who is at fault?
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Who is at fault if a car backs out of a spot into a car in the lane waiting for another parking spot?

the car backing out.

Who is at fault if car 1 pulls out of a parking space into another car driving down the lane?

If you are pulling out and hit the other are. Person in the lane has the right of way.

Who is at fault when the left lane merges into the right and the car in the left is to long and has no room to enter the right lane the car in the left hits the car in the right lane?

the car changing lanes, so the left. By Yisoonshin - "I thought that the car on the right would be at fault, because since the left lane is merging, the right car should go faster or slower to allow room for the car in the left lane. It's not like you can stop right there. But usually the right lane merges into the left, or at least I thought they do. By Perau - nope, that's not how it works. the car on that lane has the rightaway to go at whatever speed they like. The car on the left has to wait and make sure it is clear for them to merge.

Who's at fault in this accident changing lane hit a car from side road.?

Changing lane should be at fault because the driver should be able to control the car against hitting another car. The changing lane driver only has a case if it is illegal to use the side road.

Who is at fault if you hit the car behind you when you return to your lane after going around a car that was pulled over?

If you changed lanes and hit a car in the lane you are trying to get into you are at fault.

My vehicle spins out on interstate and hits another car. Who is at fault?

Assuming the other vehicle was in the right lane - you.

Does car in left lane or right lane have right of way if sign says left lane ends and only one lane to drive on?

If the left lane is ending, and merging into the right lane, then the car already in the right lane has right of way.

Who is at fault if your car door is open and another car drives into it?

The other driver's fault. He or she should have paid attention.Another View; IT DEPENDS. If you opened the door to a traveled lane and it was struck by passing traffic - YOU are the one at fault.

Merging onto the freeway in slow traffic and the semi trailer behind ME hits the rear of your car who is at fault?

Situation dependent. If it was a result of you failing to yield right-of-way (the vehicle already occupying the lane of travel has right-of-way over merging vehicles, always), then you would be.

Who would be at fault if you are merging into traffic from being parked and you have the clear to go and the car behind you speeds up and you side swipe the side of the car with your front end?

It's difficult to answer with a definite answer, but if you are the one merging, it will almost always be considered your fault.

Who is at fault if car no 1 backs out into car no 2 driving down the lane?

Sounds like Car #1 is at fault

Who's at fault when a car in the left lane hits a large rock. causing them to crossover into the right lane and hit another car in a head on collision?

The car that hit the rock is at fault. If the driver was operating with due caution they would have either seen, or avoided, the rock in the first place, and/or had their vehicle under sufficient control as to prevent it from being deflected from its lane of travel.