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Insurance laws differ state to state. The most logical thing to do is to call your agent! Does your son have his own policy? Is he listed on another policy? If the answer to those are no, in MA your answer is no! 4lifeguild

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Q: If your 17-year-old son who is not on your insurance policy totaled your car and no other vehicles were involved will your insurance cover the damage?
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Son not listed on insurance policy in Ma totaled my car No other vehicles involved no injury Will my insurance company cover me?

If you gave him permission to use the car (called "Permissive Use") you should be covered. Your insurance rates will likely go up.

Arkansas - I signed for my stepchild to get a license. She moved in with her mom her mom had insurance but canceled it. The minor wrecked totaled 2 vehicles. No insurance I am told I can be sued.?


Will insurance cover a totaled car if police report states alcohol involved but was only charged with reckless driving?

insurance is insurance as long as it wasn't done to profit the owner/ yes you are covered

If you are involved in a collision and your policy is only 10.000 but the other vehicle is totaled is the insurance company responsible for the amount over the policy?


What happens after your car is totaled and you only have liability?

If a car is totaled in an accident and only liability insurance is present, there is a chance that the other party's insurance will pay for the vehicle if the accident was their fault. If a car is totaled, but no others were involved, then the responsibility falls on the registered owner. This will not release the registered owner from paying for the vehicle, either, if money is still owed on the car.

If a vehicle is wrecked then totaled and it has a lost title will this affect the insurance claim?

Totaled vehicles which have been rebuilt generally have a "salvaged vehicle" title, or whatever it's called in your state. Vehicles with a salvaged vehicle title are by definition, not as valuable as the same vehicle with a clean title. If the vehicle is subsequently in another collision, the insurance company will not pay as much since the loss was not as great. Insurance companies only need to pay you for the actual value of the vehicle.

If you were involved in an accident and did not have full coverage but the bank had put forced insurance on the loan will that insurance cover the totaled car?

That insurance will probably cover the BANKS interest in the vehicle and any liability that may be assigned to it, but little or nothing for you.

What happens if you have no insurance and you totaled your car?

you will have to pay a debt and GET CAR INSURANCE

What is the definition of totaled?

used of automobiles; completely demolished; "the insurance adjuster declared the automobile totaled"

What do you do when the at-fault vehicle's insurance will not pay you for your totaled vehicle because the insurance company has already paid for other vehicles damaged in an accident?

Based on your question, I'm guessing that their policyholder simply didn't have enough coverage to pay for all the damage to all the vehicles involved. I would have to know a little bit more about what happened, but you're only realistic action at this point is taking their policyholder to small claims court. However, if you have your own coverage, use it and let your insurance company deal with it.

How do you determine if vehicle is totaled when burned?

A vehicle is totaled if it cost too much to repair it. Usually, insurance companies determine whether or not a vehicle is totaled.

If you are the policy holder and you were involved in a car accident and your insurance declares your car totaled do you keep your car?

No, the insurance company takes the car and they give you the value of the car,(depending on condition,make,model,year,# of miles).