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no it will not smell bad it will smell good, but you will still be sweaty deoderant just covers the smell anti-perspirant stops you from sweating

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Q: If you use deoderant will your body still smell bad?
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What do you have to do to take your body clean?

pimples and to not smell bad

Does moisturizing everyday help people smell good?

Really. If you smell bad you are still going to smell bad. Think about it. Pigs roll in mud . They are well moisturized. How do they smell?

Why do your armpits suddenly smell like onions?

ANSWER:Armpits sweat can smell like onions when a person have a hyyperhidrosis.It is an unormal condition that the armpits smell to much because of a sweating problem.Armpits can smell like onions also because of a bad hygiene...

Do body urns smell bad for a long time?

Well they should be filled with your ashes and these should have no smell.

How do you remove bad smell from body?

Most people take showers

How do you stop under arm bad smell?

Answer: Women are ahead of men on under-arm they know there is a relationship between smell and pit-hair. The hair has bacteria that outgases. Sometime look up a doctors sleeve ... many shave(per class study)....getting rid of the source of body odor. Deoderant is mostly a coverup.

How can you tell if you have bad gas?

The gas comes up and you can smell the horrible smell. But sometimes the fart is silent but it doesn't mean you can't still smell it!!!

Why does fish smell bad?

Fish itself has some odorless becoz of some chemical in their body.. where as when its die those are spoiled by bacteria so bad smell spreaded

What are the long term effects of bad personal hygiene?

Long term effects include, apart from obvious health affects: 1. Less and less friends until you have none left; 2. Less and less fulfillment from relationships until no girl/guy wants you; 3. People will assume that you live in a third world country

Why does sweat smell bad?

certain sweat may, yes, smell bad. sweat comes out of your pores, and is used to cool down your body when you are hot. yes sweat smells bad Seat has phenolic compounds which are odor active, however, bad smell is due to the growth of microorganisms. Bacteria grow by utilizing sweat based compounds, and water content of sweat Body temperature, 37 C, is also very conducive to the growth of microbes. In fact, after a good 30-40 minutes run if the runner wipes his/her body clean of sweat, then the body would not smell too bad. On the other hand, if one lets sweat evaporate over the time (say a couple of hours), he /she would smell very typical of what we associate with bad body odor. This, indirectly show contribution of external factors such as microbes in bad body odor.

Why do people smell bad?

well unsure if this question is a joke or not i will still answer it :D. some people smell bad because of bad hygiene, like not taking showers, not brushing teeth or even they were around or are a smoker.

Does Alexander Shields cologne for men still exist?

no , now we all smell bad