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Yes but it would be beneficial to got to court and tell why the accident happened so the judge can rule fairly on the accident..

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Q: If you swerve to avoid hitting a child running into the street and you hit another car are you at fault?
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What is a sentence for the word swerve?

I swerve to the left to avoid hitting the deer.The car in front stalled, forcing him to swerve.

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The word 'swerve' is a slang term with different meanings. One of the meanings is 'good looking'. It is used to simply mean that something is attractive. Another meaning of the word 'swerve' is partying mostly while drinking alcohol.

What is the first step of the swerve to avoid technique?

In an emergency, when you need to swerve to avoid hitting someone or something in the road, you will want to evaluate quickly if you can safely swerve as the first step. Swerving into oncoming traffic could make the situation worse.

How can a completely black dog strolling down Main street during a backout be seen by a Buick skylark with two broken headlights speeding towards the dog swerve in time and miss hitting the dog?

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Who is at fault when a car avoid hitting turning car and hit car coming head on?

that would be the car turning because the car that had to swerve to avoid it hit another vehicle due to the turning car's failure to yield.

What does HeelQ mean?

to swerve or cause to swerve from a cource

How do you you use swerve in a sentence?

If you are driving a car and see that you are about to hit a pedestrian, you should swerve to miss him. To swerve is to steer around or away from something.

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The plural of the noun "swerve" (a sudden turn, or veer) is swerves.

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