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Yes! I'm glad someone asks. As we were playing someone rolled a double. However the number was to small. He argued that he should be allowed to roll again. This caused a big fight. Therefore i decided to take the matter in hand. I went to the official rules of clue and read. It clearly read "If one rolls a double, he can decide to roll again" So there you have it! :D

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If you roll doubles in Clue(Cluedo), can you roll again?

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No it’s in the rule book

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Q: If you roll doubles on clue do you get another turn?
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Does cluedo use a dice?

In the game of Clue, (at least the Clue I have), there are two game modes: * Die roll * No die roll In no die roll, players move nine spaces every turn (This makes it easier for players with bad luck...). In the Die roll version players use die to determine how many spaces they move for that turn. ----InfoMac

In the game monopoly...If you roll doubles do you have to roll again or can you pass the dice and end your turn?

You have to roll again, but if you roll doubles three times in a row, you go to jail, directly to jail, don't pass go, don't collect 200 dollars.

Do you roll again after doubles in Backgammon?

yes, but only after your opponent has had a turn! The real answer is no. Doubles does not entitle you to an extra roll and move, but it does mean that you can and must move the number on the dice four times instead of two.

Can you roll on the same turn you get out of jail in monopoly?

No because in the directions it says if you roll doubles you can go again and if you roll doubles again you have to go to jail

How much do you have to pay to get out of jail in monopoly?

Yes. You have three ways of getting out of jail. 1. Use a "Get out of jail card" 2. Pay $50 3. Roll a double. You must roll the dice on your turn. If you do not roll a double after three turns you must pay $50 and move. If you do not have $50 you must liquidate your assets to do so.

What happens when you go directly to jail?

After you go to jail, on your next turn you can try to get doubles on the dice to get out of jail. You can try to get doubles three times. If you do not want try to get doubles, you can pay $50 to the bank to get out of jail. If you roll and do not get doubles, you have to wait until your next turn to pay $50 if you like.

In Monopoly do you have to PAY if you roled a double?

If you roll doubles three times in a row, you go directly to Jail. You do not pass Go, and you do not collect $200. You may elect to pay $50 at your next turn to Get Out of Jail, or use a Get Out of Jail Free card to continue play. If you do not pay, you may roll and get out if you roll doubles. Else, you must wait out three turns before you may play again.

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