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It is a question of honesty..... If you told the insurance company you were going to do it yourself and their check is for materials and some of your time then this would be OK. However, if your claim quote was for a builder to make the repairs, then their check is for this work and you should tell the insurance company that you intend to do the work yourself or you will be defrauding them.

You must also remember that if you do the work yourself and the roof is damaged again they will probably refuse to pay (unless you are a qualified builder) on the basis that your initial repairs may have been inadequate.

The fact that you asked this question indicates that you are basically an honest person - stick with the honesty and don't try and make money out of an insurance claim - it is not what insurance is for.

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Q: If you receive a check from insurance company to replace roof can you do the repairs yourself?
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Can you refuse to have an insurance company carry out repairs to your van and do them yourself after an rta?

after an insurance company is involed after a road traffic accident can i refuse thier offer and do the repairs myself

Can you do the home repairs yourself and get paid by homeowners insurance?

Just contact your Home Insurance Company and ask them about it. Many companies are fine with this for small claims or minor repairs.

Can you request the insurance company to write the check to you instead of the body shop?

Sure, you can request it, but they won't do it unless you are capable of doing the repairs yourself, and then they will give you the check AFTER the repairs are made.

If you receive an insurance claim check made out to the body shop and you and you want to make your own repairs can the check be re-issued to you?

The insurance company issues the check in both names, because there is still money owed on the vehicle. In which case, you would not be allowed to make your own repairs.

Is insurance premium part of deductible?

The insurance premium is the amount you pay the insurance company every month. The insurance deductible is the set amount which you pay out of pocket for repairs after you make a claim. For example... you may pay $100 to the insurance company every month for the insurance policy and have a $500 deductible. If you file a claim you are expected to pay for $500 of the repairs yourself, while the insurance policy covers anything above that amount up to your max limits.

Can you do the work yourself if insurance company issues you the check for the repairs?

As long as the insurance company makes the check out to you yes. You also have all the rights to do whatever you want with the money. Meaning that you can go to Disneyland or buy a new TV. It is your money to do what you wish with it.

How do I Collect the depreciation from Homeowners insurance claim?

If you want to collect the depreciation your insurance company withheld from your claim payment you must make the repairs to your home. After you make the repairs contact your insurance company and they should issue a check for the depreciation.

Will your auto insurance company pay for repairs if the total amount of repairs is more than what the car is worth?

In my experience, in a number of countries, Auto Insurance companies will not pay for repairs unless the repair is result of an accident. Then only what the car is worth.

Miguel has 500 deductible on his comprehensive insurance policy If his car repairs total 1780.75 what amount will the insurance company pay?


Will you get a final check after all repairs are completed from the insurance company?

Some insurance adjusters will write you a check for the immediate repairs that are noticeable, However generally there are many repairs the adjuster does not notice until after the job is complete and or the job costs more than what he has allocated in any event you have the right for a reconsideration on all aspects. If the insurance company fails to fund as needed contact your state commissioner of insurance he/she will be glad to investigate the insurance company .(Insurance Companies worst nightmare because if they have many complaints the insurance commissioner can bar them from soliciting or providing insurance with in the state. Hope this helps

What if your car repairs are cheaper than what your insurance company estimates do you have to return the money?

This depends on what type of settlement you took for the damage.If the insurer is paying then they only are required to pay the actual invoice.If you took a "settlement" and did some of the repairs yourself and had some done for less than the estimated amount you get to keep the overage.It is important that both you and the insurance company agree what is going on!They can claim fraud if this is done wrong

What happens when a car repair is more than the value of the car?

Typically if the cost of repairs exceeds 85% of the value of the car, the insurance company will offer to total your vehicle, because of the amount of time it takes to complete repairs combined with the labor/processing costs the insurance company incurs, makes it more time and cost efficient for the vehicle to be totaled out. You will receive a check for the actual cash value of the vehicle minus your deductible