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The hair that you pulled out, will grow back grey.

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Q: If you pull a grey hair will more grow back?
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If you pluck grey hair will 3 more grow instead?

No, it doesn't its a myth

How do bald people grow more hair?

they grow hair either by hair product or it just grows back.

Is it true that if you pull a gray hair more grow back?


If you pull out a gray hair will more grow back?


If you pluck your eyebrows do you grow more hair?

no, the same amount will grow back after a week or so.

If you pluck a gray hair do more gray hairs come back?

yes it could grow back.

Does chaving more make hair grow faster?

Yes, if you shave your hair it will grow back faster, and thicker. (The same will happen if you cut/trim it, or wax it).

Is there hair supplements to make your hair grow?

Yes, but it causes erectile disfunctions. but you can do thing to naturally grow your hair. you can bend over and brush the opposite way on the back of your hair, go to youtube for more answers.

I just shaved my pubes will they ever fully grow back to the length before and if so how long will this take?

They will grow back in 3-4 weeks. This varies throughout different people. When they do grow fully back, you will have more hair and it will be thicker and darker Yes they grow back everytime after shaving. Hair grows constantly.

How can you grow your hair instantly?

Unfortunately, your hair won't grow back to the same length you had it before it was but instantly, it will take at least three weeks. One way of helping your hair grow back though is to keep it clean, fresh and get rid of any grease. The greasier and the dirtier your hair is, the more it cloggs up the roots, so it's less likely to produce more hair on your head.

What is Taylor Lautners favorite hair colour?

Taylor Lautner's favourite hair colour is grey. He finds that people with grey hair are more mature.

How do you grow your hair extension?

Hair extensions do not in themselves make your hair grow,but instead give your hair more time to rest and grow