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Good fun, but may be tiring.

daily intercourse is good or bed?

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Q: If you intercourse daily it is good or bad?
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Is intercourse bad or good?

Yes it is very good because it gives you the BIG O!

Why human body lubricates during intercourse. is it good or bad?

The human body must lubricate for intercourse to reduce the friction of genitalia.

Can daily intercourse harm your vagina.?

As long as you are fully aroused and lubricated, there is no reason why you can't have daily intercourse. The vagina is built to receive a penis in the right condition. Just maintain good personal hygiene, drink lots of water, urinate and clean after sex, and have fun!

Is running a mile daily bad for teenagers?

it is good for their body

What puritan have daily routine?

24 hours intercourse

Is it bad if you have to intercourse in your menstrual day?


Is eating noodles daily good or bad?

eating noodles daily is really bad since they add wax to the noodles

Doing daily intercourse getting pain on the left ubdomen in the 14th days after period is it indication of pregnancy?

after intercourse getting pain on my abdomen

Is it bad to have intercourse with apple pie?

no way it sexy

Is using sterling silver cutlery daily a good or bad practice?

Sterling silver tends to varnish easily and daily use can ware it out quickly. It is not good practice to use sterling cutlery everyday.

Is it good or bad to put a cold air intake on an Oldsmobile A Aurora?

It is not necessarily a bad thing. It however will not be very cost effective on a daily driver. The benefits will be negligible.

What is an example of a bad?

A 'Bad' is slang and refers to the first time the penis enters the anus during Anal intercourse.