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Do you mean you hit something laying in the road? Depends how it is rated, (liablity wise or chargeable or non-chargeable) contact your insurance companys policy services they should be able to tell you.

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Q: If you hit something on the freeway will your insurance rate go up?
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When was Hit the Freeway created?

Hit the Freeway was created on 2002-10-15.

Will your insurance go up if your car was hit while parked with out other vehicles info?

Your insurance will usually only go up if it is determined that an accident was your fault. If someone hit your car when you weren't there, then most likely, you couldn't avoid it and it wasn't your fault. Unless you parked it in the middle of a freeway or something like that.

Does insurance cover your vehicle if it is damaged from avoiding an animal?

If you hit something else and had collision insurance, yes.

If you hit a car dead on the freeway who's at fault?

Yours, you should have been paying more attention while driving. That is the way it is seen in the DMV, police and insurance companies eyes.

Your insurance rate go up if you hit someone?

Depending if your in an at-fault state. But to answer your question, yes it will go up...

I hit a parked car while reversing and dint stop nor saw damage done and now rcvd accident claim form frm their insurance so should I call back to settle it outside or talk to my insurance first in MA?

You have pretty much hit and ran a vehicle. If their insurance has contacted you already, I would notify your insurance pay your deductible, but your insurance rate will go up pretty high. Your lucky that that's all they did. Usually they would arrest you for something like that.

How do you make a insurance claim if you hit something and damage your car?

Call your insurance agent or call the 800 claims number on your policy papers.

When should you remove collision insurance from a car?

After you hit something or Typicaly after 10 years of service.

What is the missing gap The rate at which the nitrogen particles hit the container is the something the rate at which nitrogen particles hit the outside of bthe container?

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Who is at fault when a vehicle is hit from behind on a freeway the driver in front for putting on brake and what pena code does it follow under?

Who is at fault when a vehicle is hit from behind on a freeway the driver in front for putting on there brakes and whatpenal code does it follow under?

What type of insurance will cover ab auto rollover?

Collision covers you if you hit something or roll the vehicle over.

What do you do when someone hit you and you have no insurance?

get insurance