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OK, I'm no doctor, here, but I'm going to reply to your question.....and I'm SURE that this is a loaded question, meaning that the answer is probably just a matter of opinion.

I would think that the first thing to take into consideration is exactly HOW LONG you would have to sleep before you had to get back up for work (or whatever). Is it one hour? Three? Personally, if it were like one or two, I would recommend actually STAYING know that old metaphor "second wind'? You would probably not get really tired until much later in the day if you had an "all nighter"....but keep in mind that a larger than normal dose in caffeine may get the desired result early on, but it will also actually CAUSE fatigue when you "come down". This is actually a proven medical overabudence in caffeine WILL cause fatigue (let's hope you didn't stay up all night snorting coffee granules :) ).

Again, depending on the amount of time you would be able to devote to it, going to sleep for only an hour or two after a full day (and night) would probably only leave you feeling more groggy and tired. At least it has in my experience.

One more thing to consider before making the decision....HOW OLD ARE YOU????? :)

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Q: If you have to get up early in the morning but you've had a late night are you better off staying up and hitting the caffeine or getting as much sleep as possible?
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