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NO,, They share all this information between the states now days. You driving record is your driving record no matter what state you go too.

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Q: If you have accidents on your Illinois record is your Indiana driving record clean?
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Do all accidents go on your driving record?

All accidents that you were involved in. You have to be driving the car when involved in these accidents . It does not matter if it was your fault or not. They all go on your driving record for 5 to 7 years they stay there.

What is considered a good driving record?

A good driving record is a record that does not have any points on it. A good driving record is when a person does not have any tickets or accidents.

Accidents involving what factors will appear on your driving record?


What does an employer consider a clean driving record?

A clean driving record would be a record that is free from accidents, moving violations, tickets in general, and one that has no points.

What is driving abstract?

An Abstract is a printout of your driving record for as long as the Government keeps infractions and accidents on file.

How long does an accident stay on your record in California?

It is important to maintain a decent driving record. All accidents and mishaps stay on a person's driving record for all time.

Does a speeding ticket in Indiana effect your driving record in Wisconsin?


Can you get a foid car in illinois with a felony driving on suspended lic?

If you have a felony on your record a FOID won't be granted, regardless of driving record.

What information is in your driving record?

The amount of time a driving record covers varies from state to state, but all will report any tickets or accidents that occurred in that state.

Do stop sign violations appear on your driving record in Illinois?


How long does a DWI stay on your driving record in Indiana?

Your drivers license record is forever. It is a complete history of your driving career and never 'goes away.'

How long do accidents stay on driving record in Missouri?

Auto accidents, just like traffic tickets are public record and remain on record indefinitely. Most insurers however only look at the last 3 to 5 years of your driving history in order to rate your premium.