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Q: If you got hit in the jaw or cheek how can you reduce the swelling 45k?
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well, yearly it is around 750. so far it is about 45k

Does park bom undergoes a plastic surgery?

She did have plastic surgery for her eyes and nose, but they say it was for health reasons. She got an illness and to reduce the swelling she had to undergo some surgeries.

What does it mean when he and kisses you on the cheek?

Means he got feelings for you

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How did Havana Brown get the scar on her left cheek?

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Is ice good for a wasp sting?

As a form of ice, yes. Ice will reduce the swelling. A trick I've heard of and used on several occasions is to sterilize a penny and tape it to the sting. The copper in the penny reduces the swelling and at the end of the day, almost looks like you never got stung.

How did Olivia wilde get her cheek scar?

Olivia Wilde - "I've got a scar on my right cheek, I scratched myself when I was only some hours old".

Why does 50 cent have a scar on his cheek?

he got shot once with a gun pointed inside his mouth, but he was lucky, the bullet only pierced though his cheek

Why is your cheek swollen after a root canal?

Hi, I am having this problem right now. I went to my dentist, he put me on antiboitics that are stronger. In my case it is bacteria that went into the facial tissue and sinus. Not fun at all, and I look like a chipmunk. I thought that was normal until I called him. Go see your dentist, or specialist. When I went for a visit today he also opened the tooth and got whatever else was there. He said with the anitboitics it can take a few days to start going down, and a week for the swelling to go down all together.

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Nerve or impertinence; in a 1904 novel Lord Elmsdale says: “That Chap’s Got Some.”

Terrible toothache with swelling can you take Tylenol and Motrin together?

yes i believe you can... i just got braces and i am not swelling but im taking both...ugh