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Ask your respective insurance agents. You may have a policy that covers you no matter what car you drive.

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Q: If you drive a car insured by your grandfather but you have a separate policy and you crash who has to pay you or your grandfather?
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Does the DUI of my son affect my auto insurance?

Is your son insured on your policy?If you answered yes then yes it will.Did he crash your car or get picked up while driving your car? Then yesIf he is not insured on your policy, did not have an incident with a vehicle of yours then it should not.But there are some strange rules concerning people that live with you

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What happens if you crash new auto and you have not added new auto to insurance policy?

You will still most likely be liable to the finance company. If you did have a policy, you have 30 days to notify them of a new vehicle though. For a car not covered by a policy you will have to cover all costs yourself, and also face legal difficulties due to not being insured.

Do all life insurance policies pay a death benefit due to a commercial airline accident?

Yes.If death occurs while flying as a passenger on a commercial airline, due to a crash, that passenger who has an active life insurance policy is considered insured, and his beneficiary will receive the face amount of the policy as a death benefit.If the policy includes an active accidental death rider, not only does the policy pay the face amount death benefit, but it is doubled.Death from a crash by a commercial airline is always considered accidental.

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Do you need auto insurance to drive a car owned by someone else if you don't own a car?

yes, not for the car but for yourself. you will not be insured on their car though if you crash it.

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What happens when adult unlicensed driver hits you and is driving an insured car?

Generally, the owner of the insured car is held liable for any damages or losses involved after an accident. So if you want to file a claim for compensation after a crash, it is better to file it with the owner of the insured car or his insurance company. The adult unlicensed driver however, can be held liable criminally if there was death or injury involved.

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