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Q: If you drink your sperms then any effect on your body?
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You get spurm is it danger?

yes, it is. if you lose any sperms you must immediately reconsume them so that your body does not lose any more sperms. scoop them up and swallow them, try not to miss any.

What alcohol drink make cool human body?

Any alcoholic beverage will have an evaporative cooling effect if you pour it on someone.

Why acid in carbonated drink does not kill people?

the acid in carbonated drinks is so dilute (weak) it has hardly any effect on the body.

What could any body do?

any body can eat/drink..... but they can`t if they`re dead

Are there any side effect if i forcefully try to out penis spurm?

What you are asking is- Are there any side effects if i forcefully try to remove sperms from the penis? Removing sperms (semen is the liquid that contains sperms) from the penis is called masturbation. There are no side effects of doing this according to medical science though there is a widely prevailing myth (false belief) among very many that it is harmful and the list of harm cited is so varied that it can fill pages of a book.

Can gin cause a slight lapse in memory?

Any alcohol will have that effect if you drink enough of it.

Has any body died from bloody Mary?

no. bloody Mary is a drink

Is there any effect if you drink water while sleeping or laying down?

Other than drowning, no.

Is there any side effect of unused semen inside a women body after sexual intercourse?

No, there are not. The semen will be broken down without any trouble, and there are no negative side effects. Remember, even during impregnation, only one (or two-three etc. in the case of twins, triplets etc.) of millions of sperms are used - the rest are what you would call unused.

Is there any relation between AIDS and yellow sperms?


What is the benefit of girl drink boys sperms?

There are no benefits unle4ss you count feeling good because you give pleasure to your partner . It does not make your skin better and the amount of nutrition is too low to make any difference.

Some guy releases sperms from age of 16 until get marry is there anyproblem after getting marriage?

why would there be any problems? you physical body doesnt know that your accually married