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Q: If you drink a lot of water what signal will most likely be sent to your kidneys?
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Can your kidneys explode if you drink nothing but water?

No, your kidneys can't explode if you drink nothing but water.

How do you improve kidneys?

drink plenty of water and do not drink soft drinks and soda, and do not smoke

What happens if you drink a lot of etxtra water?

it helps flushes your kidneys

What are the Top 7 Secret to cleanse your kidneys fast and easily(2024)?

Drink water

What is the pathway of water when you drink?

Mouth to esophagus, esophagus to stomach, stomach to small intestine, small intestine to kidneys, kidneys to bladder, bladder to urethra and out.

How does water help kidneys flush out wastes?

Water dilutes the toxins and waste in the kidneys which act like large filters, when the water dilutes the waste the kidneys are forced to expel the excess water much more quickly and so the bladder fills up quickly, which is why when you drink large quantities of fluid you always need to wee!!!

What task do the kidneys perform?

Your Kidneys are two organs inside your ribcage that filter waste from your blood as well as water you drink.

Do you need pee?

If you mean, "Do you need to pee?" Then yes. You see, when you drink, the water goes to your kidneys along with your blood. he kidneys filter out the dirty water from the blood, and put in the clean water. The dirty water is your pee. The kidneys then send it to your bladder. When you don't pee for a long enough time, it will fill up your bladder, and build up in your kidneys until they burst, killing you. So, yeah. You need to pee.

What does it mean when you drink loads of water and don't need to wee?

Better be getting your kidneys checked. If your kidneys are shutting down they will not produce urine. A simple blood test will determine if that is the problem.

What are good antidotes to Niacin?

There is no antidote. It is a water soluble vitamin so if you stop taking it and drink pleny of water it will be flushed out of tour system by your kidneys.

Why do you suppose drinking plenty of water helps kidneys do the job?

if you drink water your kidney will be cleaned ant it will not be dirty and if you eat junk foods your kidney will be affected but if you drink water it will be flow away and your kidney will not be affected. hope it can helps :)

What drink has the healthiest pH value?

most likely water