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not as bad. when you do the bottem you are slashing your radeal artery (cant spell srry.) on the top there is not a major artery.

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Q: If you cut lightly on the top of your wrist is it as dangerous as the bottom?
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Why is it that when your wrist is cut you are die but if you cut your arm you are not die?

It's not like that. If you cut your wrist, OR your arm, anywhere deeply enough to open an artery, it is a life-or-death situation. But if you cut your wrist or arm not too deeply, it's a "cut" - you will recover from it.

Do people have to slit their wrist to be an emo?

No! People think emos have to cut themselves to be emo, but that's not true! Don't cut yourself! If you do, talk to someone about it, because it's very dangerous and addictive!

If you cut your fore wrist will it still be in danger is it different from your inner wrist?

Yes it will. Loss of blood could be really dangerous and the chance of getting an infection from the cut would be big. PLEASE do not cut yourself. If you have a problem, cutting yourself would not solve it! It will just make matters worse. Talk to someone that you believe could understand you. Again, please DO NOT CUT YOURSELF!

What movements are lost if the tendons at the anterior wrist are cut?

Flexion of the digits and the wrist

Is it painful to cut your wrist?


Does a tattoo on the wrist cut the veins?

Yes it does, -.-

How do you use lightly in a sentence?

The nurse lightly dabbed some medicine onto my cut to disinfect it.This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly.

Why does wrist cut turn red?

From the blood that squirts out

If you cut your wrist does it hurt more to do it in one big cut or lots of little cuts?


Should you cut your wrist when angry?

Use common Sense.

What to do to save a person with a cut wrist?

Cheesecake baby. Cheesecake

What happens if you cut your wrist?

The veins in your wrist are very important to the rest of your body. They conect to almost every other vein in your body. When you slit your wrist, it makes you bleed from all the other veins in your body. This makes you bleed, very, very badly. If it is not treated very quickly, you will most likely bleed to death.