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no your insurance will not cover you
his will even if you were driving as long as you are licensed and he has full coverage
not only is the latter unethical it is illegal its called insurance fraud and carries heavy fines and maybe even jailtime

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Q: If you crashed your friend's car - can you get your insurance to cover the damage and is it ethical to say you caused the damage with your car in order to get your insurance to pay rather than his?
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What if you didn't have insurance on motor bike and crashed but had health insurance?

Your health insurance would pay for your injuries. You would have no coverage for your liability (damage you caused to other people's property or persons) or for the damage to your motor bike.

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I wrecked my friends car they didn't have insurance do i have to pay?

Yes. If you caused damage to somebody's property you are responsible. The definition of insurance is a transfer of risk. If your friend had insurance on the car then the risk would have been transferred from you to the insurance company, but would still make you at fault.

Who would pay for damage to your home that was caused by a friend's car catching fire in your driveway?

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