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When financed, contractual obligations generally require full coverage before youtake possession of the vehicle. The legal requirement for liability or Financial Responsibility starts the moment you or anyone you authorize to drive gets behind the wheel. All vehicles operated on public roads are required to meet the financial responsibility requirements of your state.

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Q: If you buy a car how long before you need insurance?
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Can you buy auto insurance before transferrinng ownership?

Not sure where you're at, but in most states, you'll need insurance before you transfer it, because you'll need insurance to have the car registered under your name. If the car's tags are expired, you'll definitely need insurance.

What if you don't have insurance on a car but need to get a replacement title in WV?

You will have to buy auto insurance on the care before you can transfer the title.

Are there insurance policies that cover only custodial care?

An insurance policy that covers custodial or personal care is a long term care insurance, generally, long term care insurance covers things that are not covered by health insurance. If you are unable to perform activities of daily living, or need assistance due to disability and chronic illness, long term care insurance covers these services. However, you need to buy it before your develop a condition that would require you to be on long term care

When you buy a used car in Georgia how long do you have to get insurance in Georgia?

You need insurance the very moment you drive the car off the lot.

If you buy a car and have no auto insurance how long do you have to get insurance?

no coverage at all. Call an insurance company before hand and set up a binder policy at least for the liability.

How long do you have to get plates and insurance once you buy a new vehicle?

If you already have insurance and trade in your car you have 10 days to notify your insurance company or your new car will not be covered.

How soon do you need car insurance in Texas after you buy a car?

Before you drive it off the dealer's lot.

How soon do you need car insurance in Iowa after you buy a new car?

If you plan on driving the vehicle, you need to car insurance immediately. You should call your agent before you lave the dealership.

Do you need insurance before you go on your holiday?

You do not need to buy insurance but it is highly recommended if you are travelling internationally. There are a number of issues you could face and it's nice to know you're covered

How long can one legally wait to buy insurance for a new car?

Legally, there is no way to wait to buy insurance for a new car. All new cars must have valid insurance policies before they are able to leave the lot.

Do you need auto insurance before you buy a car?

You are required to have at least Liability Coverage for the vehicle before ytou drive it off the lot!

How long must one stay uninsured before it will be cheaper to buy insurance?

To my knowledge, the longer one stays uninsured, the more expensive insurance coverage will be when purchased.