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yes, do it NOW.......waiting will only cause you problems, be honest and your company will more than likely handle this..........

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Q: If you backed into another car on private property then panicked and left can you call the insurance company now more than five days later?
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Is landlord insurance a reliable insurance company?

Landlord insurance is not an insurance company. It is a type of insurance that covers a owner of a rental property from damages that may occur to their property.

Can you carry homeowners insurance on company property?

Commercial property cannot be covered by homeowner's insurance. Commercial property insurance must be purchased for that category of property.

What is the name of insurance company with code 482?

GE Property & Casualty Insurance Company (formerly Colonial Penn Insurance Company)

What type of insurance is sold by the Great American Insurance Company?

The Great American Insurance Company specializes in property insurance and casualty insurance for companies. These insurance types protect the companies from property damage and legal fees.

What is the importance of commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance is important so that a company would not be at risk from fires, theft, and some weather damage. In the event of a disaster, the insurance company would cover any loss. The amount of coverage is between the insurance company and the insured.

What services are provided by the company Insurance Factory?

The company Insurance Factory is an insurance broker. It provides insurance adjuster services for Allstate, Integrated Insurance Services, Property Insurance, and General Auto Insurance.

Will an insurance company insure a property without a certificate of occupancy?

no it will not

What is aegis insurance?

Aegis Insurance is a leading mutual insurance company. The company provides property and liability coverage. They also provide risk management services.

Does home owners insurance cover a person getting hurt on your property?

Yes, if you carry liability insurance on your homeowners policy and you are found liable for an injury to another while on it your insurance company would respond to a notice of loss.

Will homeowners insurance cover cost of electric company work on adjoining property caused by downed tree on covered property?

Yes. But the electrical company's insurance co should cover it if they are at fault.

What kind of company is Citizen Insurance?

Citizen Insurance is a property insurance company. You can insure your building, your contents or both. They have a range of policy options that are flexible around your requirements.

Is Auto Owners Insurance Company a parent company of Utica Mutual Insurance Group?

No. Auto-Owners is the parent company of Owners Insurance, Southern-Owners Insurance, Property Owners Insurance, Home-Owners Insurance, Auto-Owners Life Insurance. They have no affliation with Utica