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The driver who is backing up. That person has created a traffic hazard/impediment and is totally responsible.

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Q: If you are driving down the street and the car in front of you decides to back up and hits your car who is at fault?
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If someone is driving your car and they hit a pedestrian who is at fault?

I believe it could be both persons fault. If you're driving and someone decides to jump in front of your car it's not you fault. If you're driving and aren't being careful or just can't stop in time, than it's your fault. -Bobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Who is at fault if you driving down a road with a speed limit of 65 mph and there is a side street which another moterist is stopped at but decides to pull out in front of you you have no time to sto?

The vehicle that pulled out is responsible and should be charged with "Failiure To Yield Right Of Way."

Who is at fault if a car pulls completely out of a shopping center driveway and then suddenly slams on its brakes?

If he pulled out in front of a car driving on the street and it struck his car, then he is at fault. If he was rear-ended by the car following, then the following driver is at fault.

If you are parked at a curb in front of a house and a car across the street backs out of his drive way and hits your front left drivers side who is at fault?

If you were legally parked, the person backing up is at fault. If you were in a "No Parking" area, you are at fault.

I live in California i was driving through my apartment complex when i was hit in the front driver side corner by a person backing out of a parking spot. Am i at fault?

The greater fault lies with the person backing out of the parking space. You may still be partially at fault for not driving with due care.

I was hit from behind when I slow down on highway for no reason Is this my fault?

No, it is not your fault. If you are hit when driving in front of somebody, it is their fault, irregardless of whether you slowed down or not. Obviously you can't jump in front of somebody and slam on the brakes, but just slowing down does not permit somebody to ram you.

Who is at fault if a person pulls out of a side street and stops right in front of you causing an accident?

This depends on who had the right-of-way. Sidestreets or alleys normally do not have stop signs. But the rule still applies as it would if you were pulling out of a driveway into the street. But this would also depend on how fast the main street driver was driving. He still has the responsibility of avoiding any potential hazards.

Who is at fault in Ohio if you get rear ended and the force cause you to hit the car in front of you?

It should be the person in the very back who started the chain reaction. However, because your car was there, don't be surprised if you get included in the defendants if the person in the front decides to sue.

If a car pulls out in front of you who is at fault?

Their fault for not looking both ways

Who's at fault in a car accident when you're backing into your parking space and he's driving forward. your left hand side back bumper hits his right hand side front bumper?

If he was driving forward past his intended parking space to take yours, then he is at fault. Cutting across is not permitted in parking lots although many people do it anyway.

Who fault is it if you are driving up the road and another car pulls out in front of you but now says you might have been speeding?

Typically, if you hit someone from the rear, you are judged as 'at fault' because it is assumed you will have enough 'safe driving distance' and speed limit to stop for any interference. If you hit the car on a side panel, showing you were closer when the person pulled out, they may be judged as 'at fault'. If you hit the front of their car, the person pulling out was more likely at fault (depending on your speed and distance). HOWEVER, all that said, the best protection after an accident is to call the police, let them make their report, and take pictures before the cars are moved.

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