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Well, i am 13, 5'0 ft tall and my shoe size is 9 1/2 to a size 10 in US. so concidering that, i believe you have undersized feet unless i have oversized feet. Okay I hope that this helped you mabey just alittle, but im doing a project in school right now i got to go. lol

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Q: If you are a 14-year-old 5' 6 male and weigh 50 kg and your foot size is 25 cm or 7 US or 6 UK is that foot size normal or large?
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You are 11 years old you are 4 foot 5 and you weigh 102 pounds is that normal?

yes its normal

I am 16 and 5 foot 10 and only weigh 119 is that normal?

no. u sound fat

You are 5 foot and you weigh 97 pounds is that okay or normal for your height?

I think its pretty normal.You?My kids classmates are about that.

Is it normal to weigh 137 and be 5 feet 5 inches and a 14 year old girl?

Yes it is very normal to be that size. ya that's like in the normal range, im 13 and i weigh 145 pounds and im 5 foot 8

I weigh 97 pounds and im fourteen and im 5 foot 2 and athletic is that normal?

yes! thats perfect

You are 13 and 6 foot i weigh 170 is that normal because i still feel kind of fat?

Yes it is normal considering your 6 foot. According to the BMI scale, you are 23.1. Normal weight is 18.5-24.9 so you are fine, don't worry about your weight so much.

You are 17 years old 5 foot 7 inches and weigh 200 lbs is that okay?

NO!!!!The normal weight is 123-132lb

I am 5'2 foot i am eleven year old and how much should i weigh?

im eleven and 5'2 too! im 97 pounds... is this normal?

You are 5 foot 2 inches you weigh about 85 pounds and you are 13 People think you are anorexic but no you have never lost weight before but how much should a normal 5 foot 2 inch girl weigh?

A normal 5 foot 2 inch girl should weigh between 100 and 135 lbs. If you have never weighed over 85 lbs during your 13 years, then you probably are not anorexic, you are just small for your age. If you are concerned, you should speak to your pediatrician about your weight.

How much should an 11 year old girl weigh at 4 foot 9 inches?

I am 4'9 as well and I am 11 too. I just visited the doctor and I weigh 85 pounds and the doctor said it was normal.

Is it normal to weigh 72 pounds when you are 4 foot 8 inches?

this really depends on how old you are. young(i.e 10-15) yes it's normal. if your over 16 years old no it isn't.

How much should you weigh when your 4 foot and 10 inch?

Somewhere around 95-120 lbs is healthy, but it depends on your gender, structure, etc. that is completely wrongo a 4 foot 10 boy should weigh any where from 75-95 i wrestle and have extremly large musscles and i weigh 80 pnds and i am a state wrealing champion